The Road Of Tea In Mauritius

A smooth bewitching smell spreads in most Mauritian homes every morning. The sweet vanilla mixed with the delicacy of milk arouses taste buds. It is the signal that a new day is beginning, that it is a time to take a break from a long day at work, to meet some friends or simply to enjoy some calmness. This mesmerizing smell is no other than tea.

Commonly called “dité” – spelled jee-thay – in Creole, tea has been omnipresent in Mauritian life since the colonial period, around the 1800s, where the British brought the habit of tea time with them. Brought from Sri Lanka, tea plants were cultivated for exports and for the use of the population. However, this industry declined with the rise of the sugar industry during the 1990s which was more competitive at that time. Since then, tea plantations decreased substantially to give place to sugar cane fields or residential areas. Nowadays, only two major factories survived, The Corson Tea Estate and the Bois Chéri tea factory owned by St. Aubin Ltd. [Read more…]

Security In Mauritius

Good Night Port Louis, Goodbye 2010

Mauritius, like in any place on earth, keeps its potential danger hidden behind the image of luxury and paradise that it casts around it. Staying safe during your stay is a priority. When first arriving at your destination, you will have to note down or to look for a phonebook containing the telephone numbers of emergency. Some of the numbers are listed below:

  1. Emergency : 114
  2. Ambulance : 999
  3. Police emergency : 999 or 112

Those telephone numbers concern immediate help. It will however be better to know the telephone numbers of any important branches found at the locality to speed up the process of getting into contact with a person who will be able to help you. [Read more…]