The Quatre-Bornes Market

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Quatre-Bornes is a town with a double identity. It is one of the oldest towns in Mauritius and we can still see the “old Quatre-Bornes” and the “new Quatre-Bornes”. On the border line, there is the Royal Road. Lots of shops and restaurants can be found along that road also named St Jean Street. There even is a shopping centre and some second category hotels. But the favorite place of the Mauritians and foreigners remains the market of Quatre-Bornes. Some days of the week, you can find souvenirs and clothes there, but on Tuesdays and Fridays, this magical place gets full of fruits and vegetables to offer a marvelous trip for your senses.

That old market made of metal sheets, wood, iron bars and tent fabrics may seem out of place in this modern town. The Municipal Council has often talked about a new marketplace for the five last years. It may be a good thing on the health and safety point of view, however, the actual market is acting as a jewel box for the scenes will find there. [Read more…]

Traditional Social Games In Mauritius


Grandma used to tell the story of her life in Mauritius when she was young. I could sit for hours listening to her. Of that time, I created in my mind a black and white patchwork made of trains, hens in the garden, fresh milk in tins and many other things. One of these other things was the games that represented the only leisure available. No televisions, no cinema, no shopping mall to go to. So people used to play. They mainly played cards, dominoes and a game called “carom”.

The Cyber Island

Years later, in the twenty-first century, one may think that in the era of video games, tablets and huge shopping malls in the “Cyber Island”, those traditional games would be less popular. Wrong, wrong and wrong! How come? [Read more…]