Places Of Interest

Like I mentioned in the previous article , I am going to bring you along with me for a short tour of some places of interest in Mauritius. You already know about the beautiful sandy beaches, don’t you? But there are a lot of other great places to discover around this island and if you are ready, let’s go!

For the Nature lovers:

Black River Gorges National Park

You couldn’t be closer to nature while walking through this park. It extends on more than 16,000 acres and provides a haven to many endangered native plants and animals. You can either sit on the wooden benches and enjoy the peaceful sound of the leaves rustling in the wind or go for a long walk through the forest. [Read more…]

Interesting Things About Mauritius


Mauritius is a small island found in the Indian Ocean, off the East coast of Africa, right next to Madagascar. Does that make it a tropical paradise island? Yes! Let me just give you some examples…

  • There are only two seasons in Mauritius; Summer and Winter (but we shall call the latter “Not Quite Summer” as, you would have guessed, it’s almost as hot as in Summer!)
  • The People…With its 1.3 million inhabitants, Mauritius is an amazing rainbow of cultures and traditions. The way people cook, dress, speak and live is all different. You might think that it’s not a big deal but Mauritians all live in peace and harmony, despite their differences, almost like a big happy family. We don’t always agree with one another but we have been raised to accept the other and to learn from the other.
  • Now, let’s talk about THE Beaches; They are simply G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! White sandy beaches, blue lagoons, breathtaking marine life and let’s not forget the awesome sunsets. I didn’t mean to make you jealous, I promise. [Read more…]